Working from home kills productivity?

These are the words that many of us have heard when we‘ve asked our boss about opportunities for flexible or remote working.

In spite of mobile and cloud technologies that enable us to be connected at all times and work anytime, anywhere, there is a fear amongst business owners and managers that when we ‘WFH’, we won‘t do any work at all. event_seminar_coffee_600Bosses have a vision of us just watching TV whilst maybe sending a few emails, just to look like we‘re doing something. They think that unless we are all in the office, chaos will come knocking and projects will fail.

Most of these bosses who have banned their teams from working from home fail to realise that productivity has nothing to do with whether we work in the office or in our living room. On the contrary, a study on engagement by professional services firm Tower Watson, discovered that remote workers are actually more engaged and more positively oriented toward work compared to their office-based colleagues.

It‘s about motivation. It‘s about commitment. If staff feel that they are making an important contribution to a common cause and reaching a common goal, as a result they will be productive. Instead of binging on day time TV, they‘re committed to getting the job done and don‘t want to let the rest of the team down.

Creative and marketing professionals, for example, are best placed to work from home every now and then without any negative impact on their work. But what to do to keep teams motivated and committed? The key is tapping into cloud solutions that can help create a sense of ‘one team’ that won‘t rely on each team member being in the same location. Whether you work in–house or in an agency, you can use the cloud to work more effectively:

  • Bring clarity and structure to your teamwork.remote-working
  • Agree actions for campaigns.
  • Build to do lists for you, your team and partners.
  • Store, share and review design files, photography, ad copy, press releases, videos…
  • Through a dashboard, always know who is doing what.

By utilising a cloud collaboration tool, you can communicate seamlessly with your team and clients regarding each activity – without having to trawl through the bottomless pit that is your inbox.

A new breed of transparent collaboration in the cloud will bring agencies and in-house teams closer together and make everyone more committed and motivated to making projects a success. Now is the time to consider adding these tools to empower your employees to work seamlessly from anywhere. Let‘s bust the myth that working from home kills productivity.

Curious on tools that will boost your WFH? ToDo is a free collaboration tool powered by Projectplace, tailor-made for the anytime, anywhere organisation.


  1. Leo Priem says

    I’m not going to say this is silly but working can be done anywhere, we did it and we still do it.

    WHY THIS DISCUSSION???????????

  2. Jan Jachnik says

    Working from home requires a change in management culture. I’ve been doing it for over 30 years with mixed reactions from employers. The best was a large multinational that had early on recognised the need to establish collaborative working at a distance. The worst was a local utility that had a “bums on seats” approach to management. Such an approach assumes that you are working just because you are sat at your desk and are not otherwise. The major down side to this organisation was its lack of established communication channels, so when a project did get set up with a dispersed team they could not communicate in a reasonable time frame.

    • Vicky says

      Fully agree with Jan I have been ‘part’ working from home for 16 years and I make sure the team gets far more out of me when I am not in the office but that is easy far less distractions and a lot less stress…

  3. A. Osei says

    I am an agoraphobic and working from home has given me the flexibilty to go about my daily routines with much less stress than I used to go out there. Thanks to IT, smart phones and tablets.

  4. Sandra says

    i work for a company set up 6 years ago and we all work from home. it was a steep learning curve to manage my time but 6 years in and the whole organisation is running brilliantly. People from outside our organisation are amazed when we say there are only 7 of us because we are so productive that people often think we have some big back room with loads of admin staff. We easily rival other, much larger, organisations in our sector.

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