WIP - Projectplace developer blog

WIP - Projectplace developer blog

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Coming soon: Projectplace Team


Much thanks to all the feedback and suggestions we’ve got from our users of Projectplace and Todo, we’re right now finalizing the new tool for efficient project and team collaboration that we’ve been working with this spring. And now it has a name: Projectplace Team. We’re not launching it full scale yet but it’s important for…

It’s alive! – User engagement in a collaboration software


  In the gaming industry, it’s common knowledge that a range of factors creates stickiness. In other words, the overwhelming desire in a specific game to continue to yet another level, to play just a few more minutes. Game-play elements like story, controls, sound, etc, all add up to the engagement level. Similar is the…

Motivation at work


Knowing ‘WHY’ makes things more engaging and people more efficient. It motivates. Learn and accept the reason behind performing a specific task, and you know how to approach it, solve problems and adapt along the way towards the goal. You’ll dare take your own initiatives and be agile. Your engagment increases because you understand, and thus your…

Guideline 1: Work flows


    Every manager and his or hers team wish that their work should flow smoothly through a prescribed channel.  Structured but permissive. The first guideline that our product adheres to is ‘Work flows’. By this we mean that every assignment, big or small, flows through different stages before completion. Whether it is a small…

This is how we do it: Our 5 strategic guidelines for developing a new collaboration tool

validation at projectplace

Based on our 16+ years of creating tools for cloud collaboration, we’ve learned one or two things along the way.   There is no surprise when we say that you need to have the user in focus when developing solutions that people actually are supposed to use. Neglect the user, and be ready to face…

Think with us


We want to help you and your team reach goals together. We are in the middle of creating a new tool for planning and execution that is easy to use and highly efficient. In this process, we highly value your feedback for making this a great product. So, your suggestions are eagerly awaited. Let us start…

Creating managers’ new best friend


Excuse our excitement, but we have started to work on a new cloud-based software solution for managers and their teams to launch later this spring. We want you to take part in the journey. Why a new product? Based on our 16 years’ experience in developing collaboration tools, we have made some basic assumptions about…

Welcome to a work in progress: Projectplace’s developer blog


Hi, it’s great to have you on our new developers’ blog. Everything that we do boils down to some simple but important values. The tools we create must be designed for people who want to reach their goals. They must contribute to make every user more creative, collaborative and productive. It must bring structure and…