WIP: check out our new developer blog


We’re launching WIP, a new Projectplace developer blog Here’s what to expect.

If you’re not satisfied with how you work with your team – from planning to execution and validation – we’re not. That was the reason Projectplace was founded in 1998 (and as a consequence launched the world’s first Software-as-a-service). That is also of course still the reason why we continuously develop our enterprise platform and release new tailor-made tools for pros such as Todo. Cloud technology is optimal for making our work-life smarter.

The purpose of WIP, the Work in Progress blog, is to facilitate a platform were we connect our most curious users, or users of other collaboration and productivity tools, directly to our developers. It is a stand-alone part of the Project lab blog, were we want to elaborate on new ideas, features and functionality to further develop the benefits that you get from using collaboration tools. We will post updates, thoughts and surveys and try what might work and what not.

Check it out.

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