Where would business be without the iPad?


Congrats iPad. As we now pass the 5th anniversary of the first iPad launch, we thought it would be a good opportunity to look back at how much the business world has changed over the past 5 years.

Tablets alone have become an embedded part of working culture and are now indispensable work tools. They allow us to let go of heavy laptops and makes flexible working a whole lot easier. And of course the iPad was a real breakthrough in the tablet market when it launched.

A symbol for new ways of working

For us at Projectplace, it’s been significant because half of all our worldwide iOS traffic is driven from iPads. Usage has grown steadily since we launch our first app and we think it’ll continue to do so for some time, until the iPad finds its place among other devices and the growth balances out.

Even if much work also is done on smartphones and phablets these days, the iPad is nevertheless a strong symbol for new ways of working and communicating. As access to the cloud has become widespread, the ability to work at anytime, anywhere has become commonplace. Teams can now communicate and collaborate without boundaries, accessing data whenever and wherever they want.  The iPad undoubtebly fueled this development.

Apps at work

The use of cloud applications in businesses has skyrocketed in recent years, especially those for collaboration and document sharing and editing. Employees can access information stored in the cloud from wherever they are and instantly share it with geographically dispersed colleagues through their tablets. The iPad has played a key role in accelerating this development.

Security – now every employee’s concern

However, as cloud tools grow in popularity, we mustn’t forget that so too are the security risks. In addition to using their own tablet for work, users are adopting the free, cloud-based tools that help them carry out their jobs most efficiently. Some users aren’t aware of the risks these apps carry and whether they pose a threat to their data. Recent cyber-attacks have shown that a business is only as secure as its weakest link – which has too often proven to be the employee.

With BYOD and BYOA now commonplace, many businesses need to act quickly to overcome the challenge of integrating employees’ tablets, other smart devices and cloud applications with their own systems. This is going to be even more urgent as tablets continue to increase in popularity and as wearable devices are just as common in the workplace as once was the desktop PC.

The possibilities of working anytime and anywhere are better than ever. With it’s features, usability and sleek design, the iPad has been an undisputable driver in this development. We’re looking forward for the coming five years.

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