What makes a culture a “project culture”?

What makes a culture a “project culture”?

I wonder why I haven’t raised this question sooner. Hmmm. Here is my shot at it.

A “culture” is about the shared notion of “how we do things around here”, shared values, assumptions and beliefs.

So. A “project culture” is about the shared notion of “how we do things around here in the project”.

A “project culture” provides direction to the essential conversations around projects. About the goals, the roles, what people have done before, the trip itself, the way interaction with the stakeholders is done, how we know how far we are.

What fascinates me is how a project culture comes into existence? How can you bootstrap a project culture? How can you facilitate these essential conversations without freaking people out?

Currently, I believe there are three steps to bootstrapping a culture.

1. Setting the agenda.
2. Enable the conversations.
3. Explore associations.

In this presentation I describe all three steps with examples. The presentation starts with an introduction to the concepts around culture. Like flags!, essential conversations, template conversations and even The Legend Of The Busy Bodies.

You can view the presentation below, or follow this link to Youtube.


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