What happens at a Quality Backlog meeting anyway?

This is an old blog post of mine but the process is still the same so I thought I’d re-post it here for your reading pleasure.

A week or two ago, we had one of our monthly quality backlog meetings. This meeting is where I get to represent you, the users, and try to get some of your ideas included in our quality backlog.

Simply put we take all the ideas with the status “quality backlog” and start going through them according to ranking / score.

We try to understand the need, when it arises, why and for whom. Sometimes an idea can not be processed further because we simply don’t quite get what you want. Please make your idea as specific as possible and explain to us why the current solution is failing. It’s also useful to understand in which situation you are when your idea would be useful.

We estimate how many existing users would be affected by a change, positively or negatively. Simply put we are more likely to implement ideas that affect a lot of people positively and none, or very few, negatively. Included in this is an underlying wish to make a clear, useful and clean interface that provides the functionality you need when you need it.

We also look at the wow factor: Is this something that people expect to find or something that will cause them to go WOW!!! Either extreme here makes the idea more likely to get implemented.

We also have a manifesto that we hope to develop a bit further, an idea about what key factors make a project successful.

We believe that the key to successful projects is to help people share information and manage their commitments

We believe that projects with the courage to open up communication and share information transparently to create trust will be the ones most likely to succeed

As a consequence the main focus of Projectplace is to promote cross-boundary project collaboration by communication. Projectplace supports decentralization of control that promotes individual initiatives, concurrent work, continuous learning and innovation

Once we have talked about the idea we decide whether to move on with it. If we feel like this is not something that we can pursue at the moment, we try to be transparent about it and let you know. I will comment and let you know what we concluded for each idea

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