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Everything we do is aiming at enabling people to collaborate smarter, eliminate waste and efficiently reach their goals. Projectplace has grown continously since its establishment in 1998 based on that premise. Back then, we practically defined the online project collaboration category and new grounds have been broken ever since. The fast-growing freemium teamwork tool Todo and the introduction of the missing software-driven link between planning and task execution are some examples of recent innovations.

Last year, a new era begun when we joined Planview, an Austin-based global leader in portfolio and resource management. Together we’ve created a company with a unique position to address everyday business and work pains, as well as high-level strategic planning, for global enterprises and small teams alike. We are now ramping up for an even more intense period to develop our product further and connect with new organizations that would benefit from collaborating in the cloud. Would you be interested in joining us to take the next step?

Here are some of our current job openings:

Customer Success Manager, Olso, Norway.

Graphic Designer, Stockholm, Sweden.

Account Executive, Stockholm, Sweden.

Front-end developer, Bengaluru, India.


For more job openings, click here.


  1. Mahantesh says

    Dear Project Lab

    Bangalore is now Bengaluru (ಬೆಂಗಳೂರು). Please use the right name now on.



  2. Per Holmlund says

    Thanks for notifying us Mahantesh, you’re absolutely right! We’ll edit and hang our heads in shame :-)

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