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Project labWhether you are a management futurist, project collaborator, lean manager, struggling family coordinator or a Projectplace enthusiast, you are welcome to Project Lab – our new blog on trends and tools in project collaboration and news from the Projectplace community.

A lot has happened since the launch of our blog in 2009, but our mission, to transform an often chaotic workload into a flow with the help of technology, is more relevant than ever. When Projectplace entered the market as the pioneer in cloud collaboration in 1998, Internet was still quite abstract for most people. But things have changed fast and nowadays, we know what to expect from a multitude of devices and platforms we have within reach.

This development has of course been a challenge, but it also represents a tremendous opportunity for users and vendors everywhere, determined to continuously make things better.

Projectplace wants to simplify daily life, make it more efficient, productive and creative. And help people reach their goals. We want to celebrate this development by re-launching our blog as Project Lab.

Here we will share our thoughts on technology-driven collaboration and project management; tips, tricks, best practice and occasional news items from the world of Projectplace. And yes, all content from our old blog is available in the archive.

We hope you will like it. Please take a minute to share your feedback and ideas in the comments to this post. Also, check out our Project Lab group on Linkedin and take the discussion further.

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