WIP - Projectplace developer blog

Welcome to a work in progress: Projectplace’s developer blog


Hi, it’s great to have you on our new developers’ blog.

Everything that we do boils down to some simple but important values. The tools we create must be designed for people who want to reach their goals. They must contribute to make every user more creative, collaborative and productive. It must bring structure and support to planning and execution. Also, team communication must be completely seamless.

Values can be hard to discuss without being pompous, but we’re also big believers of transparency. Workspaces – and work cultures – that are open to new ideas and inclusive discussions are often proven more resilient, innovative and successful. And they are more fun. Our tools must support that as well, by enabling the teams to self-organize. That is one of the really strong benefits of kanban-based collaboration.

We don’t know all the challenges and aspects that managers and their teams confront in daily work life. From struggles with deadlines, goal compliance and stakeholder management to team communication, document sharing and keeping a virtual team together. So, on the basis of your experiences, no one can judge a cloud software tool for pros better than you do.

The purpose

That brings us to the conclusion. The purpose of this `Work in Progress´ blog is to facilitate a platform connecting you directly to our developers. It is an extension of the Project lab blog, where we want to elaborate on new ideas, features and functionality to sharpen the benefits that you as a user get from using collaboration products in general, and specifically from the Projectplace family. We will post updates, thoughts and surveys and try what might work and what not.

More to come soon, stay tuned.

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