Ventana Research Recognizes Mentor Graphics in CIO/IT Leadership Award

Ventana Research Recognizes Mentor Graphics

Company Embraces Planview to Drive Change and Increase Value

I am excited to share that Mentor Graphics has been named one of Ventana Research’s 28 Leadership Award winners for 2016. They received the CIO/IT Leadership Award for their use of Planview to create the best possible outcomes and ensure accountability so projects are completed on time and on budget.

We thought you might be interested in the roots of Mentor Graphics’ initiative and why Ventana Research recognized CIO Ananthan Thandri. For starters, their IT department was completing fewer than 50% of their projects. Mentor Graphics wanted to improve the department’s credibility and reputation by putting an end to using spreadsheets and emails to manage projects and people. The CIO sought a tool that could bring visibility, accountability, and most of all, a system of governance to standardize work intake and execution.

Mentor Graphics kicked off this initative by looking for a project collaboration solution that could improve performance and project alignment while also boosting customer satisfaction. They wanted to end the fingerpointing so both IT and the business could speak the same language and have transpraency into resource availability. They thought a project and resource management solution could help them resolve project prioritization issues, resource capacity and demand differentials, project cost and risk questions, and business alignment disparities.

Ultimately, their goal was to put the right technology in place to effectively deliver business value using best practices around project, portfolio, and resource management. Mentor Graphics chose Projectplace, a cloud-based application that enables project team members, contractors, and resources to collaborate in real time with full transparency and oversight.

In addition, the CIO needed to bring greater controls to project and resource mangement and chose Planview Enterprise for work and resource management. Both solutions were inititially implemented across IT. After 18 months, they reported:

  • Their project completion rate has improved to 94%
  • There’s been a 50% adoption growth since launch, beginning with 400 users to over 600
  • Every one of IT’s 20+ initiatives have been metVentana Research Leadership Awards

The win-win for Mentor Graphics is that the CIO has re-established the credibility and value of the IT department. Never before has IT been able to effectively prioritize projects, accurately estimate the level of risk and investment value, and manage change. And because it is better aligned with the business, they can set expectations accurately and complete more projects on time.

Other key takeaways from their award-winning initiative include:

  • The PMO can now share a deep level of analytics with business leaders
  • Mentor Graphics has a single source of truth so IT understands how to better prioritize work
  • Governance, risk, and compliance are understood and controlled for the first time
  • The business has a greater appreciation for IT, their work, and how they spend their time
  • The IT department has quantifiable metrics to show resource capacity, the impact of changes to a project, the true cost of a project, and how projects are prioritized and ranked

Want to learn more about this exciting award and how Mentor Graphics is changing how IT executes every project? Read the press release Ventana Research Announces the Leadership Award Winners for 2016.

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