Use Gantt to visualize your path

Visualization is an integral part of storytelling and storytelling is essential to get the resources and engagement you need for a successful project. Whether this implies getting internal resources assigned, on board, and delivering or making sure that the stakeholders are satisfied with the end result – telling a compelling story will help you succeed. A beautiful Gantt chart can be the project manager’s best friend when telling the story of the path to a goal and can increase the overall value of your project.

With Projectplace’s Plan tool you can create a stunning Gantt for your project and invite both your stakeholders and team to participate in the discussion of individual activities, thus increasing consensus and making sure that everyone is on the same page. And there is only one version of the truth!

As of today you can make sure that only the people who are authorized can make changes to the Plan. Just create groups and set up the access. Your plan is now stunning, social and safe.

Read about access rights in Plan and more changes that happen today in our release notes



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