Top tips for project management harmony in today’s digital workplace

Project manager work artist

Have trends such as mobility and cloud computing given you headaches when managing projects? Do you find yourself working on your days off? Do your deadlines slip? Do you sometimes feels stressed out because of chaotic ways of working?

You’re not alone. To help project managers and teams work together more effectively in the digitally-driven workplace, we’ve come up with these top tips:

  • Create an online project room where your team can plan, execute and follow-up on activities. With all in one place, everyone is fully engaged.
  • Use collaboration tools that allow you, senior management and team members to keep track of actions and project milestones more easily.
  • Stop email addiction and embrace more efficient communication tools to ensure all information is not in people’s inboxes but in the online project room and easy for your team to access.
  • Make sure that your team knows how to keep data and documents safe.


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