Top 3 myths about two-step verifications & how to make your cloud more secure


It’s been on the radar since hackers pointed out the login weaknesses in FindMyiPhone app; yet no-one has been able to avoid the major security breach that hit Apple’s iCloud some time ago. That did put login security on the agenda, again. One of the strongest weapons to prevent new breaches, two-step verification, is surrounded by myths and misconceptions preventing it from wider adoptation. Here are the top 3 myths.

The major security breach that hit Apple’s iCloud recently could have been avoided if two step verification and account lockout controls were available. Lots of people – celebrities or not – have gotten their integrity severely violated, which is terrible.

However,  the sheer magnitute has also placed security on the agenda. That is a positive effect which has contributed to increase the awareness of login security importance.

Two-step verification is one of the strongest weapons against breaches. An increasing number of cloud services are enabling the technology, including Google, Facebook, Linkedin and of course also Projectplace. Unfortunately, the technology is surrounded by myths which makes people hesitant. I would say that they are mostly untrue. Here’s why:

# 1: Log-in will take much longer with two-step verification

It only takes a couple of seconds. You can also allow most services, including Projectplace, to trust your computer for 30 days and sometimes more which meant that you don’t have to log in each time.make-cloud-secure-lock

# 2: I’m screwed if I lose my phone, signal or if I’m abroad

Not at all. Different services provides different ways to solve your problems. Some allow you to print security codes in advance. For Projectplace users, the support handles issues in seven languages, on all channels from online chat to phone.

#3: Few services has enabled two-step verification

Also not true. Many of the day-to-day services that we use have implemented two-step verification, such as Google, Facebook, Linkedin and WordPress.

So, it might be time for you to secure your cloud and enable two-step verification today. Two-step verification is available for free for all Projectplace customers. Click here for more information on how to make your collaboration more secure.

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