Time to kanbanise your mobile device!

Many of us know kanban boards as one of the most popular tools for boosting productivity today. But not very many have used kanban to organise other areas of life.

I am proud that Projectplace is giving the opportunity to everyone with an iPhone or iPad to get a taste for organising personal activities with friends. With the free mobile kanban board, you can stay on top of your personal projects with your Facebook friends, or get involved in any kind of cooperation – from planning a bathroom renovation to organising a birthday party.

Kanban boards create a greater sense of commitment at work. So why not extend the benefits to personal projects. Planning simple projects with mobile kanban boards has never been easier. Try it out for free, download the Projectplace app at the Apple AppStore.

For more inspiration on kanban, tune in to my webinar about the gaining popularity of kanban boards.

Or if you prefer, read the whitepaper5 reasons why digital kanban boards are proliferating in project management.’

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