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This is how we do it: Our 5 strategic guidelines for developing a new collaboration tool

validation at projectplace

Based on our 16+ years of creating tools for cloud collaboration, we’ve learned one or two things along the way.  

There is no surprise when we say that you need to have the user in focus when developing solutions that people actually are supposed to use. Neglect the user, and be ready to face the consequences.

Since the launch of Projectplace 1.0 in 1998 as the world’s first SaaS, some guidelines have emerged especially strategic in the product development process. Key is user validation. Learn, tweak, let users test and learn again. By doing this, throughout our 16+ years on the market, we have put a lot of effort to consolidate and narrow down our top learnings into 5 conceptual guidelines:

These will be our guiding factors during the development of the new collaboration product and everything we do is reflected in at least one of the guidelines.

In our coming posts, we will try to tie deeper into these guidelines, together with you. It will be a common thread in the continuing development, so stay tuned for our next post where we will elaborate on our take on how work flows and what you think of it.

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