Things to think about after the release

There is always a few things that you can think about after a release. Emptying the cache is usually the first thing we do at support when you call us and this can solve a lot of problems. The cache is a function in the web browser that saves files for faster browsing. After a release some of these files are obsolete and need replacing with new files to display Projectplace properly. This site is great for showing how you empty the cache in various browsers:’s-Cache

In the latest release we removed the last remnants of the old “personal” or Planner Edition. If you had it , you got an email about this change the day before the release. Your information has been stored in a project with your name and you as the only member.


What’s happening now?

Right now we are focusing on these areas in our development:

– Improved speed – we are not happy with the overall response time of the system and will be working at improving it.

– Planning – continuous improvement to the master and action planning and the design of a look-ahead perspective.

– Notifications – a new and exciting way of finding out what is happening in your project(s) .



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