The virtual team dilemma: will agency and client ever be one?

One team, and one mission – trying to make agencies and in-house marketers work seamlessly together. Throughout the creative and marketing industries, this is arguably the biggest frustration faced by agencies and in-house teams.


It has been an issue since the first client-agency relationship was formed. Back when we still relied on landline telephones, faxes and letters to communicate and collaborate. But in the age of anywhere connectivity, social media and mobile, why haven‘t we broken down the barriers that prevent agencies and in-house teams from working together truly as one team?

The challenge is twofold: the lack of visibility over activities and lack of transparency in communication.

Despite Excel WIP documents, update calls and action reports, both the agency and the client live in fear that projects are being left to gather dust. It‘s only a matter of time before chaos will come knocking and the project will fail.

Crucially, there is a niggling doubt in the client‘s mind that the agency is not giving him or her the whole picture about work being done. This doubt manifests itself as chaser emails and frustration on both sides, which has a knock-on effect on productivity levels and the team’s motivation.

So what needs to be done? Creative and marketing professionals should tap into the cloud to break down the barriers between agencies and in-house teams and create for the first time a ‘one team’ working culture. Cloud collaboration solutions empower users by enabling them to access information from anywhere, anytime, improving visibility and adding a degree of transparency. Cloud will enable a more collaborative working

relationship and put an end to the ‘us and them’ mentality once and for all.

With the cloud, agencies and in-house teams are able to:

– Plan campaigns and projects. Together, as one team, on the same platform.

– Build to do lists for everyone involved, and share and view these in real-time.


– Bring transparency and structure to teamwork – to always know who is doing what.

– Store, share and review design files, photography, ad copy, press releases, videos…

– Communicate seamlessly regarding each activity without having to trawl through hundreds of emails.

A new breed of transparent collaboration in the cloud will bring agencies and in-house teams closer together and make everyone more committed and motivated to making campaigns and projects a success. Now is the time to adopt cloud collaboration tools in order to successfully nurture relationships, whilst bringing order to what can often be workplace chaos.

So, how to begin? ToDo by Projectplace is a new free, easy and fully mobile collaboration tool.


  1. Rachel says

    A good project manager like myself can foster a team feeling and collaboration.

    By the way I downloaded ProjectPlace and have added team members! Thanks!

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