In a country far far away there is a tribe that is very busy. Actually, being busy is their thing.

Being Very Busy.

They call themselves The Busy Bodies. That is how busy they are.

You recognize a Busy Body by his speedy walk and a pile of folders under his arm.

They are not really in a hurry. Even the folders are empty. But without the fast pace and the pile of folders people will not recognize them as being Busy Bodies.

The Others are admiring the Busy Bodies. “Wow. They are busy. They must be important.” They simply have to be important. If you are not important, why would you be in a hurry or carry a pile of folders? Wouldn’t make any sense, would it?

Once in a while an ordinary person, or a Slacker as The Busy Bodies will call any non-member of the tribe, has the desire to be important.

They pick up their pace. Start carrying empty folders. And presto. That’s is how any Slacker can become a member of the tribe.

You look for the cues and start copying them.

That’s how the tribe itself got into existence.

One day The Big Busy, the first member of the tribe, had to go to the bathroom. He was in a hurry. And he took an empty pile of folders with him. Just in case he would run out of paper. It happens.

People whispered: “Wow. He must me busy. And important.”

The Big Busy liked that.

Since then the Big Busy had a speedy walk with empty folders. And a tribe was born.

But the tribe is becoming too large. Everyone can join.

Some say that you can only be a Busy Body if you can walk above a certain speed and carry a certain amount of empty folders.

Some say that Busy Bodies are not important any more. When everyone is in a hurry, how can you be important then?

It’s when you are not in a hurry, carrying nothing that you are important. Some say. Actually, being a Slacker is the new Busy Body.

Some say.

Oh. My point?

Culture is encoded by a system of shared symbolic constructs. These symbols can be copied. And that’s how a culture propagates. And someone has to start. Someone has to be the Big Busy. In a temporary tribe that might be you.

Some say.

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