The Next Generation Projectplace Design

At UxD, our Design Team that is, we’re looking into taking Projectplace into the next generation regarding look and feel. This includes a brand new visual design and interaction changes to simplify the user experience.

We want to make it easier for the user to focus – and in the product today we have a lot of features and visual elements that does not always need to be presented to the user. We want to make the product as powerful as today but the experience should be much simplified and more delightful.

Our thoughts are to only show the information or actions that are relevant for the current action you’re doing. No unnecessary clutter on your screen, no distracting elements that really doesn’t need to be there. Why should you see edit buttons when you can’t edit? Why show a zero in a column when there are no comments on your documents? We’re also focusing on making our service more pleasant to use when browsing on a tablet, let it be an Android device or an iPad. Some examples on how we achieve that is by putting more spacing between items in lists and better placement on action buttons so that they are easier to use when using a multi-touch device.

Would you love to be notified when a colleague makes a comment on your post, assign a new task to you or a crucial date is changed? We think so. We’re working on bringing a notification service into Projectplace, a way to keep you on track with the most important activities in your project. Also making the project more collaborative and social, something we believe in.

We’re also putting a lot of effort into new interaction patterns, direct editing where your changes gets saved instantly without the need of pressing a “Save” button. We’re removing unnecessary steps and clicks and simplifying dialogues.

The visual identity takes on a more minimalistic approach where we use monochromatic glyph icons, subtle gradients, removing boxes and an over all more light and spacious feel. We focus on a header where you can se the major steps and progress of your project at a glance as well as different status indicators customized by you.

We would like to give you all a sneak preview of our current concept designs and a little taste of how the new look and feel might become, so here we go!

A small hint of what the next generation Projectplace may look like

Click to enlarge


Please bear in mind that these are conceptual sketches and thoughts – they may or may not be implemented in the service. But they do show in which direction we’re heading. Feel free to comment and give us feedback – and as always don’t miss the Ideas forum where you can contribute with your ideas and feedback on our service!


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