The little things can make all the difference

ThinkstockPhotos-83402615Sometimes it’s not the big revolutions that cause the biggest impact. Little things can revolutionize life too. We want to help you make the little changes that will eventually lead to the great ones. In lean it’s called Kaizen – the process of continuous improvement.

Here are some of the steps we have taken to improve your daily work in Projectplace:

  • Add a document or a picture to explain what you expect in greater detail to the team or stakeholders in the plan. To ensure that all the documentation is available when you communicate the plan will increase the chance of a successful delivery.
  • Create your cards with greater ease and automatic structure on the kanban board. Just sort your board on assignee, label or activity and create the cards right there in the swim lane.
  • Prevent accidental deletion of cards. From this release, only project administrators or the card creator will be allowed to delete cards.
  • Help your users discover the joy of single sign-on. If you have single sign-on set up, we will now automatically detect your users and guide them to the right log in process. If you don’t have it but are curious – just talk to us about it or read more.
  • You can read about the release in more detail in our release notes

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