The joys of reading a user survey – 80% happy

Every year we send out a user satisfaction survey to the people who are actively using Projectplace asking for your feedback about a number of things. It’s very exciting times for us to read your feedback; I think we are all feedback junkies; I know for certain that I am.

So what do the results tell us? Well I have to tell you that  it was a pleasure going through the results. We had 5748 answers to the survey which meant that we will donate 11496 euro to the Hunger Project – helping people help themselves. And most of you are happy users. Here are some happy numbers:

80% of you are satisfied with the Projectplace service

80% of you think that you are more efficient because you use Projectplace

80% of you think that you have better collaboration in your team because of Projectplace

This is very exciting reading for us and we are proud that so many of you are satisfied with our service. What makes me really jump for joy is that when you have to contact us because you have a question or need help you think that our support is outstanding.

More than 90% of those who have had contact with our support rate it as good and of those half think it’s excellent! This makes me crazy happy. Of course we would like for you few to tell us why you are unhappy so that we can see what we can do to improve those numbers but all in all I am so proud of my colleagues who take such great care of our users when they run into problems. But it is not only a reflection of the support. It also means that every part of the company can work together to ensure that our customers should have as few problems as possible (we have little support considering the usage of the system) and that we all pull together when the unfortunate problem arises.

We have a company value at Projectplace: We want to achieve more. This means that even though we are overjoyed that so many of you take the time to answer the survey and that you are so satisfied, we want to keep listening and improving to make sure that your projects benefit even more from using Projectplace in the future. We have new exciting things coming out over the next six months, for example collaborative panning and more mobile platform support. I will also host a user group, the first ever for Projectplace, in Stockholm on the 15th December. If you want to come to it please sign up here. Don’t forget to go over to Projecplace Ideas and tell us in which direction you think we should develop our product and how we can be even better at supporting your projects.


We have celebrated the great result, now it’s time to work on improving!

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