The Chaos theory report: Project management chaos revealed, the impact on business productivity and how to survive it

20 working days per year. That is the cost for inefficient working practices among European project managers. Why is this the case, in an always connected, optimized and efficient world? And why are people increasingly more stressed, despite all the possibilities that technology offers?

To find out, we commissioned the Chaos theory report, a European study among 1.200 project managers to better understand the factors contributing to chaos, and its impact on people and businesses.

Project-manager-handling-time-managementToday most of us are project managers. While the job title might be reserved for professionals, the majority of us manage projects – whether that’s leading a department, managing a NGO team, driving ad campaigns or renovating the kitchen. Still, managing projects has perhaps never been so tough. Armed with technology and communications that make them accessible 24/7, project managers are working longer hours as their bosses and stakeholders want to maximize productivity. But are project managers as productive as possible, given that the result is often feelings of stress and chaotic work situations? Should modern ways of working really be a competitive advantage given that it’s so easily accomplished?

To explore the work life chaos of project managers, we commission a study together with independent research companies Cint and Loudhouse, asking 1,200 European project managers about the personal and professional costs of inefficient working methods, project management and collaboration – and how to overcome them. The study, which is endorsed by the UK Chapter of the Project Management Institute, can be found here.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Inefficient ways of working cost businesses 20 working days a year
  • Two-thirds of project managers can access sensitive data in their organization, but only half can see who has read, changed or
    downloaded a shared documentProject-management-everyday
  • Lack of communication is a major collaboration challenge for over a third of project managers
  • Email is still the main communication method amongst teams, but the number of emails received leaves one in three project managers feeling stressed
  • Three-quarters say that having access to better tools would result in more time saved, better control of costs, a stronger sense of team and lower stress levels
  • Only half of respondents say their organization’s IT department supports employees’ use of new technologies


Chaos threatens your workday too?

Download the Chaos theory report here


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