Researching the art of getting things done with enterprise project management tools


Project management tools are supposed to drive productivity, but we know from experience that this does not always happen by default. Armed with technology and communications that make them accessible 24/7, teams across the enterprise are working differently than they did even just a few years ago. People work from home, on the road or…

Has productivity software reached the end of the road?


Are we reaching the limits for software-driven efficiency measures and project collaboration tools? By combining a new take on task management, user-centric design,  and exploring new business models, there might be more to come in online collaboration and project management. Samuel Cyprian explains more in this interview.  Samuel Cyprian serves as the Vice President of Growth…

Project Collaboration Study – 200 Business Professionals Share Their Top Hurdles, Distributed Team Dynamics & Tools in Use

Today’s teams are using the wrong toolsets for collaboration and holding back team efficiency, creating frustration and leading to duplication of effort. It’s time for project collaborators and accidental project managers to find harmony in a place where they can all collaborate, complete and track tasks and visualize work.

In the spotlight: How project managers use tech to reach goals


Managing a team effectively requires the right people and the right tools. An easy rule that is hard to follow. In the spotlight this time is Maria Nordborg, Projectplace’s customer relationship manager. We discuss in this post the challenges facing project managers when it comes to retaining control over planning and project deliverables, while empowering teams…

5G and beyond – the age of full connectivity

Work anywhere with the Projectplace mobile app

The era of weak signals is drawing to a close. Full 5G connectivity is about to change your world of work forever. Flashback to 1973 when New York Motorola Engineer Martin Cooper made the first mobile phone call. A giant leap for mankind. Fast forward to today, and the handsets you hold are a thousand…

Collaboration tool ToDo hits the market


Projectplace is today proudly launching ToDo in full version. The online tool is a freemium version of the powerful cloud-based Projectplace platform, bringing agile Kanban boards to everyone’s fingertips. After more than three months of beta testing and continuous development, adding new features such as third party service integration with Zapier and real time updates,…