Stop wasting time and money at work – Here are the top five hurdles

Stop Wasting Time and Money at Work

When was the last time you worked exclusively on a project with co-workers in your immediate vicinity? Odds are you work daily on multiple projects across multiple departments, geographies, and time zones, making communication more challenging. Yet with all the collaboration tools available today, people still rely mostly on e-mail, phone, and spreadsheets, according to a recent study of 200 North American professionals who manage and participate in projects.

The study – conducted by Appleseed Partners and commissioned by Planview – found that teams are failing to collaborate. The respondents identified five top hurdles to collaboration in their organizations, which include use of traditional tools such as e-mail and also reliance on too many disparate tools.

The Top 5 Project Collaboration Hurdles


Too many emails: 42%
Information not easily accissible: 40%
No visibility into team member workload: 39%
Hard to collaborate with cross-functional team members: 35%
Everyone uses different tools: 33%

As you can imagine, these hurdles create bottlenecks, headaches, and concerns about missing information. The impact of poor collaboration on team morale and the business is staggering. Just how hefty a toll does this take on productivity? The study revealed that North American project managers waste nine weeks a year due to poor project collaboration.


In the global economy, no longer are we working with colleagues that reside within a few cube radius of our desks.  We are increasingly relying on the contribution of team members that are external and geographically-dispersed. Simply put, yesterday’s tools are not scaling to assist us in these efforts.  To learn more and get clarity, check out this 5 Reasons Teams Fail to Collaborate Effectively at Work Infographic.

No one wants to waste hours, days, weeks, or months spinning cycles instead of achieving your business goals. Learn how you can overcome these project collaboration hurdles. Download the eBook, Everyone is a project manager: A study and guide to successful project collaboration.



5 Reasons Teams Fail to Collaborate Effectively at Work

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