Standing out from the crowd: planning, teamwork and personal to-dos all in one


By integrating planning, teamwork and personal task management in recently released Projectplace Pro, Planview took the next step in the evolution of productivity and project management apps. Samuel Cyprian, Vice President of Growth for Planview shares his thoughts on the new app and why it makes a difference for teams and managers across industries in managing work.

Productivity, work and project management tools are designed to help you work smarter. Despite this, many people still use data sheets, emails and meeting marathons to get by. But using all kinds of productivity apps doesn’t always help either. In fact, research has shown that too much technology at hand can even be damaging for the productivity. And choosing the right solution for the job can be just as hard and time consuming. Do you primarily want to communicate with your team, plan and share documents or execute together on tasks? Or all at once? Projectplace Pro that was released in November, was developed to address that question.

3 in 1

All-in-one-project-management-tool“The unique value in our new offering lies in the fact that we took three concepts that work well independently and made them work together in an all new way,” says Samuel Cyprian. “It incorporates the high-level planning functionality required by a project manager, with tasks and organizing capabilities for the entire team, as well as personal to-do lists for each individual team member to stay on top of things and focus on what’s important. These elements combined create a seamless and integrated solution that has not been available until now”.

Projectplace Pro combines a number of features that together help project managers and their teams achieve their goals.

  • The Gantt feature ensures that everything is aligned by showing where you are heading and how you plan to get there
  • The Kanban boards contribute to teamwork and visualizes progress in a transparent way
  • Personal to-do-lists allow team members to stay in control of their individual commitments, both professional and personal, and plan towards a joint goal
  • Performance charts let you can keep track of progress in burn-up, cumulative flow and cycle time charts

Together, these features combine to fuse planning and execution in one app. It ensures that the experience of working on a project is as seamless and user centric as possible.

Let software do the job


Samuel Cyprian

“Our hypothesis was to create a tool that combined different features that were available for different team members depending on what their function was within the team. We thought why not collate everything within one platform and workspace so people can move away from using their own tools of choice in isolation?”

There was a need and opportunity in the market for one platform that can be used for planning and could also be used for when project managers are working with their teams, an example being the ability to share documents. Before Projectplace Pro, project managers may have outlined their plan on a Gantt chart, however after this stage it’s difficult to keep that plan updated with the progress and relay these updates to the team.

“Let software do what it does best, the redundant and often boring jobs, so that each team member can focus on what is important. By unifying everything in one tool, available online across platforms and devices, this creates a totally unique product on the market and something that is truly valuable for users.”

Users’ feedback

“The numbers show that people are using Projectplace on a daily basis and they are engaged with the model. Users really like the concept. There is a big need for people to plan and get things done together – we are delivering a unique solution that people feel attracted to. Most people had not been working in this way before, however it’s an easy model to grasp and people get hooked. The value we provide in the new offering is through the combination of work management tools that help everyone get things done.”

Want to try planning, teamwork and personal to-dos all in one? Sign-up for free here.

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