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People struggle at work every day. No news there. We are expected in today’s digital, global workplace to be more connected, collaborative and productive. Despite that modern technology has the potential to empower, our Chaos Theory study shows that the struggle continues. Unproductive, outdated working habits can be found everywhere – and the result is costly. Luckily, there are ways for businesses to work smarter.

In fact, people are wasting up to 2 hours and 45 minutes a week due to inefficient ways of working. They are dealing with an increasing number of projects and tasks. As a result, managers have less time to spend on making sure that their team is working effectively. Consequently, projects quickly spiral out of control, with as many as one in three not being completed on time and over a quarter ending up costing more than the agreed budget.

Under pressure to do more, people feel the need to work outside of normal business hours and many struggle with work-related stress. Many are disengaged, unmotivated, and uncommitted to doing their bit to help their organization reach its goals.

The changing working habits in the digital economy call for a rethink of how businesses take ideas from inception to completion. How can people work smarter, stay engaged, reach their goals and avoid project chaos?

The latest project collaboration software tools are providing invaluable technology for empowering teams to tackle chaotic ways of working, enabling them to get things done on time and within budget, and achieve their goals.

Project managers should ask their bosses for tools that facilitate more transparent collaboration and knowledge sharing. This will allow senior decision makers to identify the areas that sap resources and potential failings before they impact on the business, making the organization more agile.

What’s more, boosting transparency will make employees more motivated and productive. Smarter ways of working also improve performance of staff across the board. With a more engaged and committed workforce, employees and their managers can say goodbye to chaos and hello to work life balance. So, it’s a win-win.

Download our latest whitepaper for more information on how you and your boss can use technology to get rid of project chaos once and for all.


Download our latest whitepaper for more information on how you and your boss can use technology to get rid of project chaos once and for all.

Download: The cost of collaboration inefficiencies


  1. Jason Collins says

    Hi Carl-Fredrik, thanks for this post. It’s certainly a call-to-action. But there are quite a few project management tools out there. My point is that these tools are designed for Project Managers, but not for project staff. The PMs put up with PM tools because that is their job, but the staff can’t tolerate the tools even if they had the time to use all the business forms and complexity which come with them. So it all collapses back to email argh.

    • Carl-Fredrik Wållgren says

      Hi Jason,

      You raise a very valid point – collaboration is key. We work with solutions catering to the needs of all members of a project team – from PMs to individual team members. We recognize that the role of PMs is changing. PMs need to take the lead in bringing teams together to improve collaboration and get things done together. It has to be a win-win situation that we believe contrasts the traditional role of PMs as project admins.
      A tool that supports transparency and combines the needs for planning as well as execution is what will make the difference. Never forgetting that users on all levels need to truly find value in using it.
      We’ve collected our thoughts on the matter in several papers and talks, you could for example check out our take on what we call Collaborative Planning and stay tuned on our efforts to to bring more value – and thus user engagement – to every project team member, especially project staff!

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