Seal it with a cloud – Projectplace presents a new visual corporate identity

symbol@2xToday, we are a proud bunch. Projectplace launches its new visual identity and brand logo, reflecting our commitment to enabling everyone to excel with collaboration.

The new visual identity is inspired by the company’s mission to empower people to collaborate and reach their goals. It will be implemented in the Projectplace and ToDo platforms, as well as offline.

Johan Zetterström, CEO of Projectplace:

“We are a well-known brand for cloud-based collaboration who pioneered the business 16 years ago, but we have also evolved a lot as a company since then. We needed a new expression that visualizes this evolution.”

As part of the corporate visual identity update, a new logo has also been developed – shaped as a cloud. The graphic element emphasizes Projectplace’s leading position as a cloud vendor. People-oriented and user friendly, but also technology-driven and powerful. The identity has been developed entirely in-house.

“We are simply staying true to who we are and what our customers and employees believe about us. What better way to show our commitment to collaboration in the cloud than with a cloud itself?” said Johan Zetterström.



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More information and downloads are available in our press room.

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