Release Night 20101005

This is a bit unusual for me, normally I write about the release on the actual night while the development and operations teams are busy deploying and testing. This release though, I’m off on a course for 4 days and I want to get ahead on my writing. I’m a little nervous, with almost a week left there’s still a risk that some of this development will fail the final tests. So, soon release… Now onto writing about it:)

New Version of Netviewer
We are finally moving over to our partner Netviewer’s SaaS solution which means that our customers will get the latest version of Netviewer. This includes some features that makes me really excited, especially since I’m a Mac user at home.

  • Mac users can now start – moderate – online meetings. This has been sought after for a while by our users and it’s nice that this will be working.
  • The Mac client for Netviewer is new and now includes VoIP, chat and webcam interface. Here’s a preview of the new interface:
  • The maximum number of participants is increased to 100
  • Netviewer will be easier for users who do not have the Projectplace Plug-in installed, especially those who have Java installed. Previously these users would have to download a file to their local computer but this will now be handled by Java instead.
  • It’s SaaS:)
New Version of the Projectplace iPhone App
We have submitted an updated version of the Projectplace App for iPhone to the App Store. We hope that it will be approved and available in conjuction with the release. The main improvement is that you get the conversations on the Project Overview in the iPhone App aswell. This will replace the old Chatter function in the current version of the app.


Improvements for New Users
?And for those of you who invite new members to your projects. There will be a tool tip for each tool in the service that will show up for new members and for everyone who starts their first project. We believe that this will lower the threshold for new users and get your project members up to speed quicker.

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