Release 30th of October

Last night saw another successful release. We have focused on making changes in Actions and improving performance.

Action Planning Updates
The biggest change in Actions is that we have made it possible to add, remove and edit statuses. The statuses are displayed as columns on the board so this also means that you can edit, add and remove columns to suit your work processes. The columns can be dragged and dropped to new positions on the board.

The action cards have become smaller to allow for more efficient use of screen space.

Actions can no longer be used with Internet Explorer 7. You now need to use Internet Explorer 8 or later. We will gradually remove support for Internet Explorer 7 throughout the service and this is a first step.

Read about how to set up custom statuses

Read about how to activate action boards in your project

Document Event Feed

An event feed is added to provide information about updates and comments in Documents in a project. It is possible to open documents directly from the event feed and to post comments directly in the event feed. You can view the event feed by clicking on in Documents.

Navigation Bar

The navigation bar is always visible and cannot be hidden.

Session Expired

When your session is getting close to expiring you will get a pop-up warning. You can just click in the pop-up to

General Performance Improvements

Performance improvements have been a focus for this release. The following areas are now quicker to load:

Next Release

Next release is planned for 27 November 2012.



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