Release 29th January

The days after release are very special for any company. This is when the changes and hard work are finally put to the test and we can start seeing if we have succeeded in creating real value. Feel free to give us feedback here or in Projectplace Ideas.

Here is an update of the changes in the release

File Picker for Conversations – Easy to Add Documents or Images from Anywhere

When you want to add a file, in my case usually a screen shot, to a post on the Project Overview we now open a window into which you can drag and drop or upload files from your computer. You will also be able to choose from Documents in your project. We will potentially integrate other document storage services like Dropbox and Google Docs (in internal beta at the moment) as well as adding this feature in other places where you might like to add things, like in comments for actions.

Actions in Scheduled Work – Stay on Top of Commitments on the Digital Kanban Board

This development has been initiated by our users and we have now included Actions – our Kanban inspired tool – in the overview of Scheduled Work on the Project Overview. Only actions that have a due date will be considered scheduled and visible on the Project Overview. This will make it easier to see what deadlines are coming up in the project and stay on top. You can filter the scheduled work to see only a certain type of work or work assigned to a specific person. In the menu – My Assignments – you see all your own commitments.

Even Better Action Planning

We have made more improvements to the Actions tool. Here’s a selection:

  • Each action card gets an individual ID, making it easier to reference an individual card. The ID is clearly visible in the kanban board view.
  • In the header of each column you can see how many action cards there are with that status.
  • Actions are now included in the daily reports which makes it easier to keep up to date even if you don’t log in to Projectplace every day.
  • We have found that a lot of the attachments in Actions are images and therefore you can now preview images in Actions without downloading them.

Great Things Happening in the Mobile Apps

Even though the mobile apps are not technically part of the normal release process, I think you should hear about some of the features of the latest version of the iPhone and iPad app that we recently submitted to appstore. It takes about a fortnight for Apple to approve the changes and release this version, so hopefully you should be able to download it sometime next week.

Conversations per project. We know that for those of you who are member of many projects, the current consolidated conversation flow gets too cluttered. This is feedback that we have had in Projectplace Ideas, in our user groups and in conversations with users. Therefore, you will now get conversation flows per project in the app. Just click into the project and there is the conversations flow for that specific project.

In the iPhone app we have also included Action boards. This makes it easier to have your project work up to date wherever you are. Tilt the phone to swap between single column and full board view. Sweep right and left to move between columns.

What’s Up Next?

Next release is planned for the 26th of February.

We plan to add the simple way of adding files that is now in Conversations to other places like Actions.

We are improving the detailed timeline which we are currently testing internally. The detailed timeline will tie the actions board to the timeline and provide a better overview of the work in the project. We hope to release it in beta in the spring.

The image is just an idea of what this could look like and the actual beta might look slightly different.

An exciting development that might be tested internally after next release is a “turbo” version of Documents that will load at record speed. We know that speed is a real issue for our users and we have a team dedicated to making Projectplace even faster.

The mobile team will work at bringing the Android app to level with the iOS app. And since I know that they always surprise us they probably have some more things up their sleeve too.

Question – Please Let Us Know What You Think

Last release we introduced a new way of notifying you about the things that concern you in Projectplace. We put a notification stream at the top of the window which indicates how many new notifications you have. We would really appreciate your feedback on it. Our developers are waiting for you to tell them what is most important.

Please answer our 1 minute survey


There are always a few things that you can think about after a release. Emptying the cache is usually the first thing we ask you to do when you contact support and this can solve a lot of problems. The cache is a function in the web browser that saves files for faster browsing. After a release some of these files are obsolete and need replacing with new files to display Projectplace properly. This site is great for showing how you empty the cache in various browsers:’s-Cache

Please note that Actions does not work in Internet Explorer 7 or if you run Projectplace in compatibility mode. To see sites run in compatibility mode in Internet Explorer 8 or 9 please check under Tools -> Compatibility view setting.

If Projectplace is in this list, please remove it and restart your browser.

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