Release 27th of August

  • Time Reporting on Activities on the Timeline
  • Activities and Kanban Boards in Project Templates
  • More Features Included in New Documents
  • Cross Project Search for Selected Accounts
  • Updated Conversations in the iPhone and iPad app
  • What’s up next?


Time Reporting on Activities on the Timeline

You can report time on all activities in all projects in the new time reporting interface that you reach straight from the navigation bar. Each user can add the activities that he or she needs to report time on.

8-27-2013 3-09-45 PM

The reports can be exported to excel for further manipulation or import in other systems. If you have previously reported time in Projectplace – in the legacy Tasks tool- and continue to do so, you can use the “Switch to the older version” link to reach the tasks that you need to report time on.

8-27-2013 2-10-26 PM

Pre-define Your Planning in the Project Template

Many of our more advanced users use Project Templates for easy creation of new projects. Project Templates contain pre-defined settings and contents for new projects and can really help you implement and share best practices and methodology. In the previous release we added the option to set up pre-defined boards and their settings including labels, status columns, access rights etc.

Access Rights to Boards

In this release we also include the rest of the planning tools in project templates. You can define milestones, activity groups, and activities under the Goals and Deliverables tab in the project template. The Offset column lets you set up when (as represented in weeks offset from the start of the project) an activity, milestone etc, will start. An offset of one week for a milestone, for instance, means that it will be placed on the timeline one week after the start date of the project.


Read more about setting up goals an deliverables in a project template

More Features Included in New Documents

More than 5000 users are now trying the new version of our document collaboration, thank you for providing us with feedback! We have now implemented even more of the features that you have been looking for in the new version:

  • Access rights on folders
  • Version management
  • Read history
  • Drag and drop in most browsers
  • Sorting on column titles

Improved Search

We have been working for a while on a new search function which will search for more things (the old search only looks for documents) and which will also search in all the projects that you are a member of. This will in the next few days be released to a select number of Enterprise Accounts. But don’t worry if you don’t get it this week; during the Autumn, we will roll it out successively to all our users.

You will find the new search field in the navigation bar at the top of the Projectplace window and will search titles of documents, cards, activities, activity groups, boards, and milestones across all your projects.

IPhone and iPad updates

Since last time, we have released a new version of the iPhone and iPad app which has a new and much faster conversations part. The notifications should also work better in the new version so don’t forget to update.

What’s up next?

During Autumn some of the things we will be working on are:

  • Reporting to portfolios
  • Implementing the new search in all projects and improving it further
  • Full implementation of the new document collaboration
  • Imrovements to the time reporting and timeline



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