Release 26th March – Gantt, Timeline and Kanban

This release is mostly about taking the next step in providing state of the art support for collaborative rolling wave planning. We release the first version of detailing the activities on the timeline in a Gantt-like view that is easy to use, omnipresent and delightful. This will tie the kanban board planning view directly to the activitites needed to deliver a successful project. But enough of the buzz! Dive in, explore and don’t forget to give us feedback. We are actually super proud of the new tool and there has been a lively discussion about the naming.


We have decided on Activities on the Timeline (detailed when you fold it out to see the activities) and at the same time we have changed the name of the tool Actions to Boards and the individual action card will be known as just Card.



Timeline details is another way of visualising work in a project and a whole new tool in our planning suite. It gives a Gantt-like representation of the activities in your project. Just click on the timeline at the top of the interface to open the detailed view. Double-click in the detailed view to create a new activity. Connect relevant action cards to the activities to see the progress and who is working on it.

Some features of the Gantt-like view of the timeline:

  • Easy drag and drop interface.
  • Track progress of the cards connected to activities.
  • Get an overview of the work needed to reach a certain goal or deliverable.
  • See who’s working towards the completion of this activity.
  • Use colour identifyers to make it easy to get an overview.

There is no link between the new Gantt tool and the existing tool Tasks.



You can now see a burnup chart for your board. This is something that our collaborative planning advisors have rooted for and we will continue to listen to their, and your feedback about our tools.

Last release, 26th February, we introduced the possibility to copy boards with settings and cards. However, the day after the release it turned out that the copy card function had a problem and had to be withdrawn. Now we are relaunching this functionality.

You can connect individual cards to activities on the timeline. Open the card details and choose which activity it should be connected to in the details.



We have had a lot of feedback on Projectplace Ideas that you find it annoying to have to keep logging in throughout the workday. Now we have a “keep me logged in” option on the login page that will do just what it says. Tick it, and forget about logging in. It will be rolled out gradually.



If you get a notification whilst you’re logged in to Projectplace it will generate an alert in the interface. This setting can be toggled in the notifications:

Disable notifications


We are working on a whole new version of Documents. This will be faster, the design spec is wicked fast,  and more social with a modern interface. We will get it in internal beta for extensive testing now. When we know how the testing is going we can start thinking about public release dates.

Another exciting development is a project event feed. The feed will make it easy to follow and interact with things that go on in the project. Better overview, better feedback, better control.

We will of course continue to improve the planning tools. We would love to hear what you think about them and how you work with them. Let us know in the comments or on Projectplace Ideas. Sign up for the event in Stockholm about planning on the 11th of April if you are around and want a deeper understanding about trends in project planning and our new planning tools.


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