Release 26th February

For most of you, tonight’s release will not bring about any revolutionary changes. We have spent a lot of time preparing for the future but of course there are some improvements released that we hope will benefit your projects straight away:

  • Actions – Copy Board
  • Actions –  Hide Board
  • Conversations – Add Files From Google Docs and Dropbox
  • What’s Up Next?

Actions – Copy Board

Recycle your boards including your own status column and labels by copying the board. We have understood from our users that there are a number of scenarios when it can be useful to be able to copy boards, for example:

-Use the same setup of statuses and labels for all your boards in an easy way without repeating the setup process for each new board.

-Create a template board for use in the project.

You find the copy board function under the cog wheel for settings at the top right hand corner of the board.


Actions – Hide Board

If you have a lot of boards in your project, there are normally some boards that are active and others that may have been paused or completed. You can hide boards that are not active right now to clear up the interface and make it easier to keep focus on what is most important. Hidden boards don’t show up in the normal list of boards but are found under a special heading. You can hide and unhide boards under the cog wheel for settings at the top right hand corner of the board.


Conversations – Add Files From Dropbox and Google Docs

Now you can link in files from Dropbox and Google Docs straight into a post on the Project Overview. The first time you use the function we will ask you to log into Dropbox or Google Docs in order to authorise Projectplace.

All project members  will get read rights to the document that you link in from Dropbox and Google Docs but they will not be allowed to edit the files.

What’s Up Next?

Next release is planned for 26th March. We are planning to release a very exciting new addition to our planning tools that will tie the Kanban boards to the timeline at the top of the interface through a delightful and intuitive gantt-like tool. I will dedicate a whole blog post to this new development  closer to the date but here’s a teaser of what it looks like right now.

We will also improve the sign-in process to minimise the number of times that the average user needs to sign in while working in Projectplace. We are getting feedback that it is annoying to have to log in many times in a day, and we are listening. Keep telling us what you think over at Projectplace Ideas.







  1. Susanne Söderberg says

    Last night was release night at Projectplace and this time Santa brought me the possibility to copy Action Boards with actions including my adjusted status columns and labels #MeLike.

  2. Daniel Andersson says

    Could you add the possiblity for administrators to see all Reviews (Granskningar) in a project. It is useful to see Reviews that hasn’t been completed without going through the document tree.

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