Release 27th February 2014 – Responsive Design, Online Meetings and ToDo

In this blog post I want to tell you about some changes in Projectplace that we release on the 27th of February and also let you know some of our plans for the future.

Responsive Documents

Responsive design means that an application or webpage shows more information on a bigger screen and less information on a smaller screen. This is increasingly important as we start working more on very small screens – like smartphones and very big screens – like high-definition televisions. Projectplace should work for you on both and we are working at making more parts of the service responsive. In the release we implement this for new Documents and it means:

  • the view in Documents adapts the number and size of columns to the available window width
  • more efficient use of the space to display more of file/folder names
  • customisable table headings means that you can decide in which order some of the columns are displayed

The column order is indivdual so you will not affect other users in the project. Here are some screenshots to show how this new design works:

Change Column Title

This is the full size view with all columns displayed

This view is for a slightly smaller screen - some columns are hidden but you can choose which ones to display

This in the most compact view with only the names of files and folders displayed.

Further we have done some general improvements and bug fixes in new Documents.

During the spring the new version of Documents will be default for all and I recommend that you try it out now. We are also interested to get any feedback on Projectplace Ideas.

Easier Online Meetings

The online meeting tool is available for all through an html-viewer. The html-viewer has limited functionality but gives you the option to connect to an online meeting through practically any device. The connection interface has also been improved to make it clearer what options you have for connection.

New Interface For User Settings

We are releasing a whole new interface for personal settings in Projectplace. This interface is faster and also responsive which means that it will look good and be usable on both big and small screens. In your settings you will of course still take care of everything that has to do with your user account and personal profile in Projectplace. Use this area to update your personal details including profile picture, password and address.

Future Development and Betas

  • The plan tab in Projectplace will let you break down work from project steps via activities and further down to card level in a Gantt-view. This will be tested out internally and on some customer project in the next month.
  • ToDo is a solely board based product that provides powerful collaboration for teams. Find out more and test for free during the beta.
  • Soon we will start development of a replacement for the project portfolio in Projectplace. This development will be done in close collaboration with our focus group of PMO Advisors.

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