Release 25th September

Tonight we have a release. As releases go it’s a very small one. A lot of work has gone into preparing the future and the exciting things that will happen next year.

These are the main changes that you can expect to see tomorrow when you log in:
– The Project Description on the Project Overview. The Project Description has previously been accessible through a link in the header of each project. We have decided to make it more visible by moving it to a box on the Project Overview, right underneath the member pictures. This area can be used to describe the overall purpose, scope and major deliverables of the project and make it visible for all members. If this area is not relevant to you, you can collapse it at any time by clicking the arrow in the header.
– The Document Manager displays all documents that have been opened in the last 15 days for easy access and editing.
– The speed should be increased, especially in the conversations on the Project Overview.
– We have made a number of improvements in the Actions tool:

  • The list view now contains an option to view all actions on the selected board.
  • The drop-down filter in the list view is replaced.
  • Boards can be connected from project step details

-We also made a number of improvements in the latest version of the iOS app

  • Easier to @-ref
  • Printing when available

A lot of work has also gone into preparing for a new way of notifying you of what is going on in the project. Most of the email notifications that you get will be presented in a notification widget in the interface sometime in the coming months. We are testing this internally at the moment and right now it looks like this:

This is a test of what notifications in the interface might look like

Notifications in the interface

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