Release 24th September

Today it’s release day and I’m thinking about the way that Projectplace has changed over the years. We celebrated 15 years this month and it’s amazing to see the development that has happened in the software Projectplace while we still have the same core belief; people work together more efficiently through improved communication and shared goals.

Here are some improvements that are released tonight and if you scroll to the end you will find some of the upcoming developments:

  • Kanban boards – Editing of Multiple Cards
  • Kanban boards – Export to Excel for Back-Up, Snapshot or Archiving
  • Activities – Activities Included in the List View (only milestones at the moment)
  • Activities – Possibility to Add Activities with No Start or End Dates in the List View
  • Search – More Improvments to New Search and More Accounts Included
  • New Documents – More Improvements
  • Account Management Improvement for Enterprise Accounts


If you haven’t already tried out our kanban boards, it is high time you gave them a spin. They present you with a delightful, fun and effective way of visualising the daily work in your project. As an added benefit and for maximum mobility, they also work really well in our apps for iPhone and iPad.

In this release we have added the possibility to select two or more cards and

  • add labels
  • move them to another board
  • change status
  • and more

You can also export boards to Excel for archiving or back-up purposes. You may even just want a “snapshot” of what the board looked like at a specific time.

How to export board contents to Excel

Activities – Timeline

Activities are now included in the list view along with the milestones. In the list view you can also add and manage unscheduled activities.

Activities in the list view

Activities in the list view for the timeline

New Search Improvements and Extended Use

The new search function that allows you to search for documents, cards, activities etc. across all your projects will now also show results from files attached to conversations and cards. We are rolling this out slowly to selected users so if you don’t see it yet (in the top navigation bar), don’t worry, it will be your turn soon. Until then you find the search-for-documents function on the Project Overview for each individual project.

Internet Explorer 8 Users Can Try the New Version of Documents

We have made the necessary changes to allow IE8 users a test of the new document management system in Projectplace. If you are one of them, you should get a question when you next use the tab Documents in your project. Benefits of the new version include speed, ease of use and overview. Some features are still not implemented so you may have to switch between the old and new version. This is done easily by clicking a link on the right hand side of the toolbar above the list of files and folders.

Improved Onboarding for Enterprises

A fancy way of telling you that we would like for you to have only one system in which to manage your users. ”Just-in-time provisioning”. This is a re-engineering of our current SAML single sign on capability but more importantly a way for customers to determine in their own user directories which corporate users should have access to Projectplace and what privileges they should have. The information that you already have in your system, like department info, name, address, telephone number etc. will be included for your enterprise users. This should make your Projectplace system administrator, your IT department and your project colleagues equally happy.

What’s Up Next?

In the short term we are working on improvements for Boards, Timeline and Portfolio. Also we are looking at incrementally bringing improvements to the People tool (Members and Contacts) so please hurry on over to Projectplace Ideas and tell us your favourite idea. We are adding the new search feature to more accounts over the next few weeks.

In a longer perspective we have started working on a desktop app which will make it super easy to keep up to date and interact with Projectplace, project contents and your colleagues without having to leave the comfort of your own desktop. Another benefit will be to reduce the number of notification mails that end up in your inbox while still keeping you on top of what is going on. The plan is that this app will eventually replace the current PowerTab.

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