Release 23rd April– Improved document management and new visual identity

This sunny April brings big changes to Projectplace. Some of the projects that we have worked on for a long time will finally go live to make your lives easier.

Improved document managment

For many of our customers document management is a key value of Projectplace. We are proud to present the new version of the document management tool which we have been working on and testing with a large number of users for a long time. Many of you have probably already been using the new version for a while but we have now switched it on for everyone.

Improvements in the Document tool

  • Fast

This has been a top priority for us. You should notice a significant decrease in the time it takes to reload the page. This is especially helpful if you have a big or complex document structure.

  • Responsive – works on big screens and small

The number of visible columns in the interface varies according to the size of the screen. To make it more suitable to your needs you can change the order of the columns. More of the space on screen is used as work area.

  • More collaborative

The comments for documents, files and folders are much more visible in the detail view. An @-ref to a person or a group will create a notification in the web interface and on email and is a good way of involving other people in the work.

  • Real-time updates

We make sure that what you see on your screen is the latest update to documents and folders.

  • Better interface for reviews

We have made reviews – one of your favourite document management features – easier and better to use.

You can read more about how to use specific functions in new Documents in our help system Projectpedia.

From the feedback that we have received both here and on Projectplace Ideas we will be looking into an easy way of getting information about changes to your files and documents – to replace the red flags that do not exist in the new version.

Beautiful Gantt

The idea of the new tool Plan which you  find as a tab to the right of the Project Overview is to have a single tool for planning from project step to cards. We want to visualise your plan in a more conventional and gantt like format without compromising on our design concepts of simplicity and delightfulness.  All the data that you have in your timeline has been converted to the new tool on release!

These are some things you can expect:

  • The plan will be organised as a Gantt chart with a list of the work broken down into a traditional WBS – work breakdown structure.
  • For ease of use you can drag and drop your activities in the list. Moving an activity in the list will automatically update the WBS.
  • We also make duration a more prominent parameter for your activities.
  • On the lowest level activities you can connect cards from the kanban boards or create new ones.
  • The data is aggregated to higher levels – it is easy to see which data is aggregated.
  • You can zoom the plan in or out to view more or less detail. To give you the complete picture you can also drill down to individual cards for follow up.
  • The card data is incorporated in the plan.
  • Lock activities to prevent unwanted changes.

Some of the things we plan to address in future releases are dependencies, time reporting and resources.

Updated visual identity

A few weeks ago, we launched a brand new visual identity with a new logo and main colour. This can lead to some changes in the interface but these will be done gradually. Those of you who use the iOS app have probably already seen some changes in the visuals. You can read more about the new visual identity in an earlier blog post.

What’s up next?

In the next months we will be also be working on these things and more:

  • Integration of Dropbox, Google Drive and Box in Projectplace Documents
  • Dependencies in the Gantt
  • Project Monitor – an updated way of organising, keeping track of and communicating about a group of projects


  1. Michael Cawley says

    Another idiotic update that removes the convenient copy and paste icon’s and preventys old locked drawing being moved into an archive. Contractors come and go and lock drawing that can’t be moved.
    Completely stupid downgrade changes.

    • Karolina Wicksén Jackson-Ward says

      Hi Michael,

      I have included a screencast of how to cut (or copy) several items in the list of files. There should be no problem using this on locked documents – as you can see in the film. If you can not do this on your system, please contact our support on for troubleshooting.

      Best regards,

      • Michael Cawley says

        We have lots of drawings that have somehow become permanently locked by departed contractors. These can only be moved by using Ctrl X on the keyboard. As instructed by your team. As the team admministrator there is no way for me to change this status. This was not an issue when you had the very simple cut and past icon buttons at the top. removing these buttons is not an improvement. Change for change sake helps no one.
        Mike Cawley

        • Karolina Wicksén Jackson-Ward says

          Hi Micael,

          Since the introduction of the permanent lock for files (this was previously called a “signing” of the file) about ten years ago the function has been the same. You can not remove these types of locks – they are permanent – but you can make a copy of the file without the permanent lock (see screencast).

          Best regards,

      • Baba says

        What if, say, a contractor comes and unintentionally permanently locks a drawing? Can the administrator undo this? A video would be nice to show how this can be achieved.


        • Karolina Wicksén Jackson-Ward says


          It is possible to make a copy of the permanentl locked document and then delete it. When making a copy you can choose to remove the permanent lock. This is the screen cast:

          Hope this helps, best regards,

  2. Michael Cawley says

    Also the right hand notes next to the file are not visible anymore unless the file is ticked. You have “Name”, “Modified by”, “Date” but no notes relating to the file from the last upload. This was there before and was very useful.
    The removal of this is not an upgrade, please put that facility back.

  3. Michael Cawley says

    You can only toggle between the 4 options with two columns.
    We need more columns so all the options are there.
    Size, date, modified by and description. We should have the option to have all not just two.
    Is there a way of adding more columns?

    • Karolina Wicksén Jackson-Ward says

      Certainly. The number of columns will adapt to your window size so just increase the size of our window and you will get more columns.

      Best regards,

  4. Mats Sundbergh says

    Two issues of the “new”/deterioration of document management:

    * Quick move/cut and paste doesn’t work anymore. You now must be in the target directory to paste…

    * The sorting of a folder with a newly pasted document doesn’t work as the new file is put at the bottom regardless of sorting…

    • Karolina Wicksén Jackson-Ward says

      Hi Mats,

      I wonder what web browser and version you use. You should be able to move files via drag and drop I have included a screencast of what that looks like. As you can see in the screencat the file shows up in the expected place in the structure

      Best regards,

      • Mats Sundbergh says


        I’m using IE 11 and can’t use the method in the screencast. I don’t get the dots to the left you’re using to grab and drag the file/row with.

        The sorting still feels more random than ordered.

        • Karolina Wicksén Jackson-Ward says

          Hi Mats,

          Maybe you have the old plugin for earlier versions of Internet Explorer installed? Uninstall that and use the document manager with IE11 instead and the drag and drop will work.

          You can find the document manager for download here

          • Mats Sundbergh says

            Thanks for the tips!

            Used the old plugin. Removed it and installed the document manager. The drag and drop now works.

            The sorting order is still messed up.

          • Karolina Wicksén Jackson-Ward says

            Great to hear that Mats! We are working on fixing the sorting order.

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