Release 22nd of July

Hi and welcome to another release. We are enjoying a wonderful magic nordic summer at the moment in Sweden but we have still had time to get many improvements ready for release.

  • Custom tool names
  • Copy, share and see the history of cards
  • Boards included in Project Templates
  • MS Project import to timeline
  • Watch(Follow) documents on iOS
  • Improved notifications on iOS
  • Project Managers can report to portfolios straight from the timeline (Enterprise Subscription only)
  • What’s up next

Custom Tool Names

We tend to go for generic tool tab names in Projectplace. The main reason behind this is that we have very many customers with very many different types of projects and methodology. But we understand that you may want  to change the tool tab names to something that makes your project group feel at home and that supports the way you work in your project.

Now, administrators can set up custom tool tab names in “Administration” under “Tools&Access”. The name you choose will be the same for all project members and in all language options for the interface. If your organisation uses Project Templates, you can also set up custom tool tab names straight in the template which will then affect all new projects created from the template.

Sort Posts on the Project Overview to See What Is Active

You can sort conversation posts on the Project Overview either chronologically or according to most recent activity.

Copy, Share and See the History for Cards

It is super easy to share or copy a card. Just click on the tick and select “share” or “copy”. In the card details you also see a list of all events pertaining to the specific card since its creation.



Set Up Your Kanban Boards in the Project Template

Many of our more advanced users use Project Templates for easy creation of new projects. Project Templates contain pre-defined settings and contents for new projects and can really help you implement and share best practices and methodology. In this release we add the option to set up pre-defined kanban boards and their settings including labels, status columns, access rights etc.

Access Rights to Boards

Import of MS Project Files to the Timeline

All .xml files created in MS Project 2007,2010,2013 can be imported to the timeline in Projectplace. The import will be restricted to two hierarchical levels and will include the features supported by the timeline. You find the option to import under the settings (cogwheel) button on the right-hand side of the timeline.

Updates for iPhone and iPad Apps

Even though these have already been released I though I would mention them to you and remind you to update the app.

-Watch (follow) documents to stay on top of what happens to them. If you choose to watch a document you will get a push notification when something happens to it. (released to app store 31st May)

-Improved notifications (released to appstore 3rd July)

Report status and Deviations to Portfolios Straight From the Timeline

Project Managers can now report status and deviations from the plan straight from the settings (cogwheel) to the right of the timeline. In this view you can also check historical status reports. All updates to the status and deviations report are also visible in the portfolios that the project is included in.

Updated Document Beta

We continue working on the next generation of our Document tool. We have fixed some missing features like “copy link” and reintroduced the refresh button. There are more than 3000 people testing the new version at the moment and we are overwhelmed and grateful for all the feedback we get. It really helps in the continued work for the next version.

What’s Up Next?

Looking forwards, these are some of the things we are working on:

  • Time reporting on activities on the timeline (currently in internal beta)
  • Activities on the timeline included in project templates
  • Versions management, Access Rights and all remaining document management features included in the new version of Documents.
  • New improved search function that includes cross-project searching (currently in internal beta)
  • More improvements to conversations on the Project Overview

We welcome questions, feedback and cheers in the comments section.

Happy Summer


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