Release 21st May – preparing for summer

Up here in Stockholm, close to the polar circle, spring is a short intensive affair and it feels like we go from winter coats to summer dresses in a heart beat. At Projectplace we are working hard to help you prepare and get the most of your work so that when it’s time to enjoy a holiday, you can really relax.

Tonight we are releasing the following:

  • Easier to change your password
  • Visual improvements in the timeline
  • Personal mobile Kanban boards

We are also working on:

  • Improved and fast documents tool
  • Conversations
  • Access rights for boards
  • Project feed
  • Search


We know that you probably have a lot of passwords to remember and we want to make sure that it’s easy to retrieve them if you would forget, like after your summer holiday. We hope that this new easier process will let you enjoy your summer without worry.

Visual buttons make it easy to notice that there are activities outside the screen area

Visual buttons make it easy to notice that there are activities outside the screen area


In the detailed timeline we introduce buttons that indicate the presence of activities above and below the current screen area. A click on the button will take you to the top or bottom of the activity list respectively.


You can now start a personal board in the iOS app without a login to Projectplace. Invite your facebook friends and work together or use it as a personal to-do. You can download the app from the appstore if you don’t already use it.mac_app_store_icon_new



Some projects that we are working on and that we hope to be able to release soon

  • Access rights for kanban boards – a frequent request from our users.
  • An updated version of the conversations tool on the Project Overview which includes a new design, better previews of pictures, files and videos and the possibility to attach multiple files.
  • A new version of the Document tool which will be significantly faster is also in the pipe. We have a version of this in internal beta but we need further development and testing before being ready for release. We are hoping to extend the beta to our users soon.
  • We  are also working on a project event feed to be displayed on the Project Overview. Scheduled for release this year.
  • Improved search

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