Release 19th November – WIP Limits, Download Boards, Improved Branding

  • Work in Progress (WIP) limits on Kanban boards
  • Download of boards including files
  • More informative avatars
  • Improved branding
  • What’s up next?

Work in Progress Limits in Boards

We now implement a work in progress limit, which will give an alarm if you exceed a given number of card in a column on the kanban board. The idea is to create a greater momentum for the teams by limiting the number of things they work on simultaneously. To understand the theory behind this we only have to look at a traffic system. As the number of vehicles increase, the speed of all vehicles decreases. In the same way, if we have too many jobs in progress all of them will be slowed. If we instead limit the number of cards that we work on at the same time we will increase the speed of all the work. Some hard core believers would say that you must have a limit of two (2) items in your “working on” column. What do you think?

The WIP limit is set in the settings for each board. You find these under the cogwheel at the top right hand corner of the board.


Download of Boards Including Attached Files

In September we introduced the possibility to download the contents of a board, cards and comments, to an excel file. Now you will also get the attached files in this download. The contents download as a zip file which contains an excel of the cards, comments and links to Google docs and Dropbox files. Also included is a folder containing any files uploaded to the cards on the board and linked from Projectplace. You find the function to download the board under the settings cog wheel at the top right of the board.

More Informative Avatars

If you don’t choose to upload a specific pictures, we display your initials on a coloured background for identification in Projectplace. You can replace the avatar with a picture of yourself in your personal settings.


Improved Branding

For those of our customers who have branding included in their agreement we are moving the logo from the obscurity of the footer to a more prominent place in the header where you normally find the project logo. Administrators of the accounts with branding have already been informed about this change in a separate email.

What’s up Next?

  • Continue working with the new document management to make sure that all the features are implemented before replacing old documents completely.
  • Continue working on the new cross-project and cross-tool search.
  • New online meeting tool
  • Revised Gantt view of Activities


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