Release 18th of June

This release is packed with updates, improvements and changes so let’s dive right in.

  • Updated Conversations tool on the Project Overview
  • A possibility to try out the new Document tool
  • Access rights on kanban boards
  • More changes in kanban boards
  • Group activities on the Timeline
  • No more support for IE7
  • What’s up next
  • More plans for the future

Updated Conversations Tool on the Project Overview

We have made a complete rehaul of the Conversations tool on the project overview. This should make it both quicker, more stable and increase its usefulness. We have also decided to implement some popular requests such as:

  • Adding multiple files to a post
  • Improved preview of links, images, video
  • Full screen image preview
  • Like for comments
  • Reply straight to a comment
  • Emoticons for more precise communication

Read more about Conversations


A Possibility to Try Out the New Document Tool

Users on Safari, Chrome and Firefox will be invited to try the new version of the Documents tool.

Advantages with the new version

  • Significally faster!
  • Drag and drop will work without a plugin.
  • Possibility to edit properties for multiple files at once.
  • Full screen mode allows you to push away header and footer to take advantage of the entire window as a work area.
  • Work smarter using keyboard shortcuts and mouse buttons.


  • Users of Internet Explorer will have to wait a little while before getting to try out the new version.
  • Some functionality is still missing in the new version such as access rights, red flags, history and certain parts of the review process.
  • You can toggle to the old version to use the missing features and then toggle back to the new through a simple click in the toolbar. The toggling is instant and can be performed as many times as you wish.

Toggle new documents

Changes in the Digital Kanban Boards

  • Finally it’s here! One of the most asked for features since the introduction of boards has been access rights – In the settings for each board you can define which groups in the project should have access to a specific board. Please note that administrators always have full access in all tools.
  • We have updated the way you change card details to harmonise with the way you edit activities in the Timeline and files and folders in new Documents.
  • Assignees get notified in the interface about cards that are due today.

Changes in the Timeline

Our timeline team has listened to feedback from some early adopters and the result is the following updates:

  • Group activities – group activities that have a logic connection to create work packages that relate to a common goal or objective. The group can be minimised or expanded on the timeline.
  • Move, edit and remove multiple activities at once. Select several activities by holding down the shift-key and selecting them one by one. You can then create a group from them or for example change their colour. You can also delete them all in one go.
  • Print timeline – it is now possible to print the timeline to a PDF or to paper. This function currently only works in Safari and Chrome but will be implemented in other web browsers soon.

No More Support For IE7

This browser is now very old and no longer developed by Microsoft. As more modern versions of Internet Explorer and other browsers are changing rapidly and challenging us as a cloud service, we now need to stop all support for Internet Explorer 7.

This means that we will no longer test new releases or make bug fixes for errors that only occur in this browser.

What’s Up Next?

These are some of the things that we are planning to work on next:

  • Including Kanban Boards in Project Templates
  • Time reporting on activities in the Timeline
  • Import of MS Project files to the Timeline
  • Possibility to name tool tabs to suit your project.

More Plans For the Future

  • Radically improved visualisation of project status for stakeholders, and improved reporting
  • Automated provisioning of users in enterprise accounts, including single sign-on
  • Gantt dependencies

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