Release 18th December

This time of year is usually quite hectic. Many people have holidays coming up or end of year commitments that need to be finalised. We  have a small release coming out tonight and here are the main changes:

  • Notifications in the interface
  • Files attached to Actions
  • A look-ahead to the future
  • Tip!

Notifications in the interface

As another way of keeping up to date on what you need to react on in your projects, we introduce personal notifications in the web interface. The notifications give you information on things that affect you in all tools and projects. You find a red number indicating the number of unread notifications you’ve got on the navigation bar.

This is where you find the informations you need from your projecs

We introduce another way of keeping up to date with your commitments

Things that trigger notifications are, for instance, reviews, actions assigned to you, meeting requests, conversations that you are tagged in etc.

Files attached to Actions

A long standing request from our user community is attaching files to tasks.

With this release we introduce the option to attach files to actions, bringing this highly requested feature to our new and exciting digital kanban boards. Those of you that use the iPad app have already experienced this feature for a couple of weeks. Your existing files will naturally be available in the web service too. Initially, you can only upload files from your hard drive but we have a team working on the possibility to attach files from Documents in the project as well as your Dropbox or Google account.

Upload files to explain your actions

At long last, you can now attach files, documents or screen shots to your actions!

A look-ahead to the future

Over the next few months we will continue to develop the look-ahead horizon of the collaborative planning concept – the extended time line. Some of our most engaged users have been invited to try it out and we are busy collecting feedback and improving its features and stability before we release it to a wider audience.

We are also working on a simple file picker that will let you interact easier with other document collaboration tools such as Dropbox and Google.

Another concept in the pipe is an aggregated event feed for projects – a list of events relating to actions, documents or other things of interest in the project. This is currently in internal beta

Next planned release is on the 29th of January 2013


There are always a few things that you can think about after a release. Emptying the cache is usually the first thing we do at support when you call us and this can solve a lot of problems. The cache is a function in the web browser that saves files for faster browsing. After a release some of these files are obsolete and need replacing with new files to display Projectplace properly. This site is great for showing how you empty the cache in various browsers:’s-Cache

Please note that Actions does not work in Internet Explorer 7 or if you run Projectplace in compatibility mode. To see sites run in compatibility mode in Internet Explorer 8 or 9 please check under Tools -> Compatibility view setting.

If Projectplace is in this list, please remove it and restart your browser.


  1. Sonja Larsson-McCann says

    Unfortunately, Project Place has got much slower since your update. And I have a quite fast machine, so I wonder how it work in less fast machines?

  2. Anders Mobjörk says

    I have to agree with Sonja L-M. PP is definately slower and less stable than before. I suggest that you (PP-development team) put more focus on performance in existing functions rather than adding new functionality.

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