Release 18th December 2013 – Online Meetings

Building up to the holidays and a lot of activity going on. Most of our development is focused on things that will be released early next year but there some things that you will see right now:

Improved Online Meeting Tool

Online meetings work similarly to how they worked previously, but with added capabilities and an improved quality of service.

  • A telephone bridge is now offered, so that participants without access to a computer may call in to the meeting using a normal telephone
  • Better audio quality when using the Voice over IP feature
  • Improved whiteboard capabilities
  • Participant emoticons

Please note that online meetings will no longer support video conference, however, from sometime next year we hope to include the possibility to schedule online meetings.


Read more about online meetings in our help

Updated Look and Feel on Projectplace Ideas

Projectplace Ideas is where we invite our users to take part in the development process by asking for your feedback. Tell us what you like and what you don’t like, vote and comment of each others ideas. Our development teams and I go through the feedback collected here in regular meetings and in some cases we will contact one or several users to find out more about how they use Projectplace and what their pains are. This site is going through changes at the moment. The most obvious change for those of you who are regular visitors is that the look has been changed to be more in line with our website. A more subtle change is that our customer facing staff are now invited to contribute with the feedback they receive in customer conversations. Our ambition is that this will make the site and conversations even more lively.

Come join the conversation on Projectplace Ideas

What’s Up Next?

There is so much exciting development coming up that it’s hard to know where to start…. I will give it to you in levels of readiness

1. Planned next release

-Include document reviews our new document management interface. This means that the feature will be easier to use and a lot faster.

2. Preparing for public release – in various stages of Beta at the moment

-New Documents. We are still collecting feedback and adjusting details in new Documents. Many of our users already work in the new version of the tool and it is a stable version that contains most of the features that existed before and some new ones – like inbuilt drag and drop in modern web browsers.

-Desktop app to replace the current PowerTab. We want to make it easier for you to use Projectplace straight from your desktop and give you more useful information in the app. The new application will contain the most used features of the PowerTab and also give you notifications and other useful information from Projectplace that you can interact with straight on your desktop.

3. Under development

Gantt charts. The timeline details will move into their own tab and be further developed into something that looks a lot more like Gantt.  We want to keep the interaction easy, delightful and fun while giving you the tools and overview you need.

Here’s a teaser picture of what it might look like


-Updated People Tool

-Improved Portfolio Management



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