Release 11th October 2011 – Issues and resources

Another release day! We are currently developing the next generation of collaborative planning and a lot of things have happened in this project. But first some things that will actually make a difference for you tomorrow.

Search in Issues

We have focused our quality efforts on improving the search function in Issues This is the currently highest ranking idea in our quality backlog:

Tonight we release the new search function for Issues. We have fixed problems and implemented a multiple select function in the new and improved search screen. This is what you’ll find now:

As you can see you can now easily combine the criteria you need to search for. The result can be further filtered and/or exported to excel. We have also removed the old and not so well functioning print of Issues to instead shape up the excel export.

A complete list of what we’ve done in Issues:

-Fixed the filters to work properly for search results

-Excel output replaces print function

-New search form that is easier to use and lets you combine search parameters

-Increased support for Swedish characters (åäö) when searching in Issues

-Added issue type as a parameter for search

Resource Management

Together with a partner, BlueAnt, we now offer our Enterprise Edition users the possibility of setting up resource management. To learn more about what’s on offer and how you use it, please contact your local sales department.

Collaborative Planning

We have updated the internal beta of the master plan. The visual is updated and it is now possible to share more of the information via Conversations on the Project Overview. Don’t worry if you think it looks really weird, it is still very much work in progress.

The timeline at the top of the screen will be available all the time but you can choose to minimise it to make use of the full workspace on screen. It shows the steps necessary to reach the goal or target of the project. These steps could be specified in time or not and can be marked as completed and when you change a step you have the possibility to communicate this to all on the Project Overview. Mouse over will give more information about the step.

Disclaimer: This is just a teaser! The finished master plan, by the time we release it for all, could look very different from this.

We have also done a very first internal beta of the Action Plan which you can use to list actions or tasks needed to complete the project. These actions or tasks can be linked in various ways, have tags and be tied to project steps.

More information about how we think about collaborative planning will come. Right now it looks like an external beta will be sometime in q2 2012.



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