Projectplace – What we’re working on right now

We are getting towards the end of the sprint and it’s time to give you an update on what we’re working on right now:

Planned for release 12th April

This is the usual disclaimer:) Nothing is released until it is released. We can not promise that any of this will actually be implemented on the 12th of April. There are circumstances outside of our control that could prevent the release and quite a while left to discover serious problems that will stop development on some of the things we work on right now. But this is what we work on and some of the things we plan to release next….

Image Previews in Documents

We will make it possible to preview images stored in the Document Tab in Projectplace. The plan is to have a possibility both to preview single images and to flip through several images. We also aim to include support to lock, update and version manage images just like any other file in Projectplace. Have a look at what it could look like after next release:


Icon View in Documents

The icon based view that we now have as an alternative in the Planner Edition will be transferred to all projects as well. This view will also get a number of improvements. The standard will continue to be the list view.

This is what the list view looks like (current)

This is the new Icon View (12th April)

Focus on Search Related Bugs

We have focused our Document Search in the quality work in this release. We’re hoping that the experience will be a lot better after the 12th of April.

Other Quality Improvements

In the Add Member view there will be improvements in the interface for selecting groups.

We will inform better about our Document Management Add-ons and the difference between them.

Future Releases

Resource Scheduling

The work with integrating a resource management module called “Blue Ant” by our partner Proventis has started. A small number of selected customers will test it during the spring and public release is planned for later in the year.

Single Sign-On

We are conducting an internal test of a SAML based solution for Single Sign-on via Active Directory or Security Partners. No planned release date yet.

API Portal

The API publishing platform has been completed. Right now we are tweaking the portal and getting it ready for full launch. No definite date set.

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