Projectplace – the quiet release and a look ahead

The beginning of a new year and we have so many very exciting projects under way. There’s a release tonight but there will be no noticable changes to the user interface or functionality in this release. So instead I thought I’d talk a little about what we are testing at the moment since there is some really interesting stuff in internal beta as of tomorrow.

New Calendar

The current Projectplace calendar is in need of an update and we are currently beta testing the new and updated version. This version will look nicer and contain some new functionality. Here’s a teaser of what the new calendar will look like:

Much sleeker look and you will be able to for instance drag and drop meetings to change the date and time, double-click in the calendar to create a new meeting and use more intuitive features. It will also look good in most web browsers. Because Projectplace is used internationally, we are concerned that time zones should work in a more intuitive way but this has proven problematic. The time zone support is the main reason that we have decided to hold back on full release to continue internal beta for another month. The plan is that we will release the new calendar for everyone on the 8th of March.

Document Manager for Mac

For a long time we have been eager to provide some of the functionality of the Projectplace Plug-in to more users. Now we have a solution and we are testing it in internal beta this sprint. We hope to extend the beta to all our users on the 8th of March.

The Document Manager for Mac will allow Mac users as well as users who prefer to work in Google Chrome or Safari on PC to open, edit and save back documents and comments just as easily as our PC users with Internet Explorer do.

Some screen shots of the Document Manager for Mac

Other Improvements

In this release we are also making it even easier to get started with Projectplace by introducing a checklist of things to do in a new project. The checklist will show up automatically in your first new project.

I will, as always try to give you a little indication of how the release went once it is in production and report about what will happen next.

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