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Coming soon: Projectplace Team


Much thanks to all the feedback and suggestions we’ve got from our users of Projectplace and Todo, we’re right now finalizing the new tool for efficient project and team collaboration that we’ve been working with this spring. And now it has a name: Projectplace Team. We’re not launching it full scale yet but it’s important for us to keep you in the loop.

The tool will focus on the needs of teams and project managers of all sorts. For the first time, we will in one online software tool connect the ability to create goals, organize teamwork and manage every members personal to do’s. It will include a new, easily adoptable approach to core productivity and collaboration features.

Our new beta sign up page has just been released where we explain the high level concept. Check it out, and share with friends that you think would be interested in boosting their team and getting things done.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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