Projectplace – Quality Meeting Report

Yesterday we had one of our monthly meetings to discuss quality work for Projectplace. I brought the following ideas with me to the meeting:

There were people from different departments all with their list of important Quality Issues. We wrote down the most important ones from our lists on the white board along with what is at the top of the current backlog. Then we went through them briefly, explaining to eachother the needs and scope and requirements.

Another thing that is important in the prioritisation of quality work is where in the experience chain people will encounter the problem or less than ultimate solution. Does it affect first impression or our loyal users?

We also look at whether it is hygiene – something that most people will expect, feelgood – a nice feature but something that you could imagine/have seen before or delight – something unexpectedly nice that you didn’t even imagine.

After this and after weeding out some ideas that might be affected by current development or that were too big to be included in the Quality Backlog. This is the things that we thought were most important to consider in the near future:

Top votes

1. New navigation model  – in this is included having the Project Name in the top frame (First impression, Feelgood)

2. Conversations – adjust in order to increase usage (Performing, Feelgood)

3. Search in Issues – make it work properly and intuitively(Performing, Hygiene)

4. Investigate Exit Level UX – Why do users leave us, reasons  (Performing/Loyal, Hygiene)

5. iPhone app – ultimate mobile app/what needs/features? (Exploring/performing, Feelgood)

6. Themes – internal Beta (Could be anywhere?, Feelgood)

7. Portfolios – choose weekday for status report (Loyal, Hygiene)

8. Search  2.0 –  all project content, new modern experience (Performing, Hygiene)

Other issues discussed

Make sure you don’t get logged out while typing in fields in Projectplace (Exploring/Performing, Hygiene)

@-ref in Converastions – make it visible (Performing, Feelgood/delight)

Frameset – payoff (possibly part of New Navigation)

Members export to Excel (possibly part of a bigger “export” project)

Wait until after we discussed in  Planning Prestudy

Time reporting in Tasks

Issues improvements

–        customise status

–        customise workflow

–        time reporting?

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