Projectplace – Plans for the upcoming release

Tonight’s release went really smoothly. Both our teams in Stockholm and in Bangalore were testing and working hard while having the traditional release night sweets.

I thought I’d take this opportunity to pick’n’mix (my puns get even worse later in the evening) and serve you up some information about what we will be working on next.

More improvements for Mac

The document management plug-in for Mac which we weren’t able to get out in beta for this release will continue to be a priority. The new plan is to have the beta out in next release.

The new calendar view which is now out in internal beta will be evaluated and made as good as possible and we plan to have it ready for release for all our users. I will add more information about this but from what I’ve seen it is good looking, easy to use, cross platform and all in all a huge improvement to what is there at the moment.

Collaborative Planning – pre study

This pre study will continue and we will hopefully get to look at some concept design from our design team.

Make it easier to see what’s available

Often at support, and on Projectplace Ideas/Answers, we end up just informing our users about functionality that is already available. To make it easier for our new users to discover all the great features that are already in Projectplace we will work at implementing a checklist for new projects/users. The purpose is to see what you’ve tried out and what’s left to explore.

Quality Improvements and Bug Fixes

There is always room left in the planning for quality work. What quality work will be done in the next development sprint is yet to be decided.

The next release is preliminarily planned for the 1st of February 2011

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