Projectplace – Planning pre-study update

As you probably know, we have a pre-study under way for a new way of doing project planning in Projectplace. This is one of the biggest projects currently under way in our development.

The last quarter of last year was spent getting a concept started and now we are in the process of sketching on this concept. The sketches will be shown to selected people such as Projectplace Advisors for feedback. If you are interested in participating in this kind of feedback, please go to Projectplace Advisors and sign up. This first round of feedback will probably be limited to Stockholm because the sketches are on paper at the moment and need to be physically moved around for you to give feedback. Later in the process we will involve more people and from further afield too.

We are currently looking at planning on three time horizons: Master, Look Ahead, and Action. We feel that the transparent communication of project goals and how to fulfill them, personal commitment and responsibility, and open communication in the project are some of the key success factors.

Funnily enough, while I’m writing this I am also listening to an episode of the Project Management Podcast and this slide just showed up from there:

In this project we have also done some extensive information mapping for planning. We have looked at things like what are the objects, their properties, relations between them etc etc. This has been very interesting and I believe that it will help us make better design decisions both on a database level and on a graphical interface level.

I will come back with more information about this project here on the blog continuously. If you have questions please post them in the comments here or on Projectplace Ideas.

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